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Congestion Charges

Why buy a hybrid? M.P.V/Cars Best Selling & Engineer Cars Hybrid

Avoid Congestion Charging in London with Toyota prius and Hybrid Vehicles.

Toho Motors London commuters driving in and out of the city centre should be able to save a staggering £2000 or more in Congestion Charging by driving the revolutionary petrol-electric hybrid the Toyota Prius HYBRID VEHICLES which is exempt from the London Congestion Charging once you have registered your Prius.

With the rise in the Congestion Charge from £8 to £25 per day since 2008, Prius & HYBRID VEHICLES commuters are now making even bigger savings.

The vary cleanest 'green' vehicles, including the Toyota Prius & HYBRID VEHICLES are exempt from the £8 a day charge under London Mayor Ken Livingstone's Congestion Charging scheme.

To qualify for this exemption, you will have to register with Transport for London (TfL). Details of the application process and forms can be found on

The TfL website, or from the TfL helpline on 0845 9001234. Alternatively you can download a pre-completed form which requires just your registration number here.

You need to submit the form for drivers of alternatives fuel vehicles and your V5C vehicle registration document.

You will also be asked for a Alternative Fuel Vehicle Conversion certificate which should be in your vehicle glovebox or is available from

Toyota by calling helpline 0845 275 5555. These documents should be completed and returned to Transport for London