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Pioneers of Importing People Carrier and 4x4 Vehicles from Japan

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Hybrid Fact

Come and drive the future! with Toho Motors

Toho Motors aim is to make hybrid green technology available to all as we believe that the time to go green is now! Come and experience alternative fuel vehicle in London and see what the buzz is about!

Before you buy a hybrid car from anywhere else, come and speak to Toho Motors in Dagenham. We can help you make an information choice and demonstrate the green benefits of going green.

You won't find pushy salesmen at Toho Motors, but you will find knowledgeable and informative assistance. Come and take a test drive and see what you think.

Toho Motors was the First to Sell & Import Hybrid Vehicles from Japan to U.K especially having hand on experience since 1987 M.P.V.S & Hybrids & 4x4.

Toyota Estima Hybrid

Toho Motor are the first to be importing the all-new Toyota Estima Hybrid from years 2001. These cars run on electricity in and around town and then when the speed increases they effortlessly and smoothly convert to the petrol engine for the power derive!

With and option of 7 or 8 seats, cruise control, wood facia and alloys, these MPV are fully loaded with all extras and environmentally friendly!

You saw them first on Toho Motors and will buy them here at prices and quality as usual that NO-ONE can compete with!

Getting Technical

Clearly, that's enough information for most people to digest. But if you're "gearhead" and you must know the specifics More about how the Hybrids work, read on.