Cakes All Over

The Company

Cakes All Over is one of the most famous cakes shops in London and throughout the UK. They supply a variety of cakes which include anniversary cakes, birthday cakes and New Year cakes. Pretty much any celebration that you have can be accommodated by them to fit your requirements.

From the comfort of your home you can order these cakes online and sit back and wait for them to be delivered, leaving you to plan other aspects of your celebration. They specialise in delicious personalised cakes that are completely made according to your needs.

What They Needed

Cakes All Over wanted to create a system that allowed different cake shops to come together in one place for customers to choose a cake and have it delivered. Planning parties and events is always such a daunting task so they believed by having a cake ordered online and then delivered when needed meant one less headache for everyone.

They were already in contact with a number of cake shops but they needed the system to be able to identify which was the closest to the customer. Then display the available cakes for purchase. The main key selling point to this is to be able to have any message written on the cake. This is what would separate them from any supermarket who delivers standard cakes.

What We Did

As their requirements stated we created a system that helped to optimise their companies aim. They had so many different shops and options for the cakes that they wanted to include in the website. Along with the personalisation the only way to deal with this was in stages.

The first stage was to figure out how the system would tie together. This would begin with having the customer find the closest shop to them so that they can see what cake options are available. Then once the shop was chosen, all of the different cake options had to be displayed according to that shop. Once the cake was chosen, the customer then had the option to personalise it with whatever message they chose to put on the cake. This was then finalised by the purchase of this cake along with the payment, billing and delivery details.

As a side part there had to be a section where other aspiring shops could join the site to then be added to the database and get more customers. This enables the cake businesses to come to Cakes All Over instead of them having to search for more businesses to add.

Client Testimonial

When we had the idea to create our website we spent ages looking all over the internet to find the most trusted company. As expected this took a while because we found that a lot of other companies only did business over the phone or through email, which to us made it very impersonal. That’s when we found Blue IT and they straight away asked to meet with us in person in their office in Canary Wharf. Immediately we could see how professional this business was which was then backed up when we saw other projects they had created.

We needed to find a company we knew wouldn’t disappear at the end because we have future plans for our company which we would need help with. They made us feel as if they were actually trying to help us instead of just trying to take our money and move on to the next customer like others had. Even today whenever we need anything done they are still there supporting us which is the kind of business you want behind you.

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