Club Infiniti

The Company

Club Infiniti World is all about having the flexibility and freedom to find the holiday that you want and need. There are so many different opportunities out there that are hard to reach because they never seem to be that accessible.

They provide travel agents with a system to help you decide where you want to go, when you want to go and how long you want to escape for. It is completely tailored around your lifestyle and your requirements to make the experience of booking your holiday as relaxing as the holiday itself.

What They Needed

They needed a website where they could offer a platform to travel agents to be able to book holidays for their prospective clients. It would give the agents the opportunity to tailor each aspect of their client’s holiday exactly how they needed it.

The system had to be seamlessly responsive so that the client wouldn’t be left waiting around for loading screens as it scanned through all of the available options. Once the tailored holiday was created the system then would have to be able book all of the associated purchases from the relevant companies.

What We Did

We created the system that was password protected so only trained agents could access it to offer the deals to their clients. It allowed them to pick from a wide range of destinations all over the world, and specifically choose certain towns that the client might want to visit. Then once the area was chosen it would come up with available flights and dates for them to pick from.

We had to create the back end so that it could search through all of the different requirements that the client needed to make their perfect holiday.


Our Clients