Austin David Apartments

The Company

Austin David Apartments provide a short “London Living” experience to travellers. It provides people who are staying in London for a short period the experience to live in a unique London apartment instead of a hotel.

Originally specialising in the very trendy part of East London, due to overwhelming demand have recently spread their tentacles to the elegant, sought after areas in the city of London and beyond.

What They Needed

Austin David Apartments needed a website to showcase the services that their company provided. They offer a wide range of unique and showcased apartments in London and they wanted this to be shown tastefully without confusion to the customer. Showing which options would be available to the customer is crucial because a lot of the apartments depends on specific criteria.

What We Did

The client’s main aim was to make the website as simplistic as possible and try and fill it with a lot of information at the same time. This is a hard balance to find so we first had to figure out what services needed to be separated and which ones were more important than the others. Once this was done we had to try design the website to make it look as spacious as possible with a lot of animation. We did this because from our experience we found that blocks of text aren’t so intimidating to read when displayed in this manner.

Using this format we managed to make the website look as friendly and informative as possible so customers would feel more invited to go through it.

Client Testimonial

Finding the ideal company to work with is always going to be an enormous task because there needs to be a certain amount of trust from the start. When we discovered Blue IT and saw how professional they were compared to other web design companies we knew that we had found a partner. Having someone make your website means there has to be a lot of trust as they are creating the face of your business. This is the deciding factor into whether a customer chooses you, or moves on to the next.

We couldn’t be any happier with the service we received from Blue IT. They supported us every step of the way and have continued to do that ever since. They are the type of people to treat you as a person that is special to them rather than as any other client. From the beginning they worked closely with us to make us feel like we are a part of the project and that all of our wishes were being met. That’s the reason we developed such a good bond together and we would recommend everyone to have this experience.


Our Clients