The Company

iProtect is an online motorsport insurance specialist. They accommodate track days for both cars and bikes, amateur competition car insurance including circuit racing and rally’s, as well as professional on-track crash damage.

They can provide bespoke quotes upon request and they are supported by A+ London market insurers that commit to swift and reliable claims payments.

What They Needed

iProtect needed an insurance portal to be created so that customers who wanted to go out on racing would be covered in the event of an injury. This kind of activity is very high risk so there are a lot of variables involved when creating a quote for the client. They wanted a system where the customer could create an account and put in as much information about them and the activity they were doing as possible which would then be assessed by the system to generate a quote for them. Once the quote was created they needed the system to also take payment and start the cover of their insurance when needed, providing all of the necessary documents.

What We Did

Taking all of their requirements into consideration we started by understanding how they wanted to assess the information to then transfer it into a quote. Once we were able to understand this we then created a system which would assess the information the customer put in to generate a quote. The quote had a lot of different variables into account so adding all of the correct information together was the key to success in this project.

Then we tailored the system to provide the supporting documents when payment was made so that the customer could walk away happy and knowing they were covered in case of an accident.


Our Clients