My DIY Health

The Company

My DIY Health is an online Health Tracker which allows you to track, monitor and improve your health. They provide a personalised account where you can log in and keep track of your progress to show how you have done and what you need to do to get better and achieve your goal. They also have an online shop full of products that can help you to monitor how you are doing. There is even a doctor’s corner full of advice and tips to bring you the latest in health and wellbeing evidence.

What They Needed

My DIY Health wanted to create an interactive experience for its customers where they could keep track of how healthy they are being and help them improve their general lifestyle. Actively being healthy is a task that many of us find hard so having the system look and feel as interesting and fun as possible was important for success.

The system required lots of different information about the customer’s daily lifestyle and then added up all of the variables to give a result of how healthy they are and give tips on how they could improve. It needed create log in details for each customer once they had signed up and paid the subscription fee. Once they logged in they would be open to whole range of different ways to tell how healthy are.

What We Did

We created a system which provided all of the basic information on the front page, but they are then able to do a lot more when the customer had signed up and paid the subscription fee. The system had to ask the customer a variety of questions and according to their response show how healthy they were and how their progress improving or declining. Then once it has calculated how healthy or unhealthy they were it would then give advice on how they could improve. The system also had to have an area in which the customer could purchase different products that would help them on their journey to being healthier.


Our Clients