Global Roaming SIM

The Company

Global Roaming SIM is a company that provides prepaid international SIM cards that significantly reduces mobile phone charges when abroad. Moving between countries can always be such a hassle when having to sort out the cost of using your phone. This is why Global Roaming SIM has created a product that moves seamlessly with you and picks up new networks as soon as you arrive in a new destination. Therefore, ensuring you have one less headache to deal with on your travels.

What They Needed

Global Roaming SIM needed a website that could easily be converted into almost any language. The whole purpose of their product is that it can be used worldwide so it had to be made to be easily accessible worldwide. They wanted a website where they could display their product and all of the different tariffs in different currencies. As there are so many different countries there needed to be a system that would show the cost of phone calls or messages between different countries.

What We Did

This was a hard task to undergo because finding a design that would fit worldwide can be tricky with all of the different cultures and trends. This meant we had to make it as neutral as possible and write it in such a way that it was easy for Google to then translate it over to whatever language the customer preferred. Then we had to create the system to show the prices of calls and messages between particular countries that were easy to navigate for the customer.

Eventually we managed to make the design unbiased and available in any country to effectively to sell the product worldwide.


Our Clients