Marchio Limited

The Company

Marchio Limited is a trusted partner in Design, Print and Manufacturing. They are also the complete project management service which is on time and on budget, from receiving the original brief to delivering the printed job. They provide initial concepts through to the global distribution of the finished project. They pride themselves on their attention to detail and the absolute dedication to the quality across every aspect of everything they do.

What They Needed

Marchio needed a website where they could advertise their products that they wanted to sell. As they are a design and print company they needed the option for their products to be personalised accordingly.

The system had to be as simple as possible so that the customer could come on to the page, choose their product, choose what they wanted to print, how they wanted it and be able to purchase it specifically to their requirements.

What We Did

We created an admin panel for Marchio to use where they could upload their products and all of the different options that they wanted to make available to the customer. This meant that there needed to be lots of different attributes on each product that the customer could pick from. So making this simple for the customer to view was essential so they understood exactly what they were getting.

The stages of each section had to be shown in detail for the client so they were able to feel as if they were making it along with the website. Once the product was chosen and finished it would then be put into the shopping cart for purchase at a later time when the customer was ready.


Our Clients