Natural Quality

The Company

Natural Quality is a company that produces and sells unique, handmade Wine Stands. This process takes over 3 months and 40 stages to complete, as it is all completed to perfection. They have managed to effortlessly move along with the times to constantly deliver new ways to provide high quality products.

What They Needed

Natural Quality has a store in London and wanted to expand their business online to be able to reach a wider range of customers. This meant they wanted to put all of their products online and be readily customisable. This was a key feature that they needed to implement because when it comes to creating a Wine Stand, every detail is crucial down to the size and material of it. This system needed to be very easy to navigate and each section separated completely so the customer knew exactly what they were ordering.

What We Did

To be able to implement the customer’s requirements we had to find out every detail of the options the customers could choose from. Then we had to make a step by step process that the customer could go through to choose what product they wanted, what material they wanted and the size of it along with any other needs.

As it is a custom product company, this meant we had to design it in such a way that characterised these features to fit the industry it was in, making it as light hearted and friendly as possible.

Client Testimonial

We originally heard about Blue IT from a good friend of ours as they had previously had their website built by them so we thought it was a good idea to give them a try. As soon as we contacted them we saw why they had been recommended because they were honest and straight up with us from the beginning. Giving us actual advice to not only create the website but to help the business at the same time. Being able to meet them in person helped our decision a lot as well because it made the experience so much more personal and when you get to know the team like we have you won’t be looking back.

They delivered our website to us in a friendly and professional manner, keeping us in the loop the entire time so we knew what was happening and when we could expect the finished product. Working with Blue IT was a very enjoyable experience and anyone who doesn’t at least give them a chance is missing out.


Our Clients